Frequently Asked Questions

MFS Ghana offers comprehensive security services, including:

  • Security guard services,
  • Private security,
  • Aviation security,
  • Corporate security training, and
  • Guard dog services.
You can reach MFS Ghana for security guard services at 233-0302-781922.
Yes. MFS Ghana is one of the best companies that offer private security services to the aviation sector.

MFS Ghana is one of the best private security companies operating in Ghana. You can go through the range of comprehensive security services at our website

MFS Ghana is the best security company in Ghana because of the:

  • Highly trained security personnel,
  • Advanced security solutions,
  • Commitment to excellence, and
  • Extensive experience in the industry
MFS Ghana provides guard security services in Accra to residential and commercial properties.
Corporate security is a specialized job that needs expertise. MFS Ghana is one such security agency in Ghana that offers a comprehensive corporate training program tailored to meet the varying needs of businesses.
Yes. MFS Ghana offers dog security services to improve the security measures for our clients. Our trained guard dogs and handlers provide the clients with an added layer of security.
You can contact MFS Ghana at 233-0302-78192 to engage our guard dog services in Ghana.
Call 233-0302-781922 to inquire about corporate security training in Ghana. Our team will be happy to assist you and provide further information.
We strive to deliver customer satisfaction, highly trained security personnel, cutting-edge technology, and customized security solutions tailored to meet specific client needs with the help of our security services in Ghana.
Yes. MFS Ghana offers a comprehensive range of security services for events. We ensure the smooth operation of your event.

Contact MFS Ghana at 233-0302-781922 to request a free quote for security services. You can email us as well at [email protected].

Yes. MFS Ghana provides high-quality security services for residential properties that include:

  • Manned guarding,
  • Access control, and
  • Alarm response

Yes. All of our security guards are trained and licensed to meet the expectations. We prioritize professionalism and competence in our security team.

MFS Ghana has been offering security services for over 15 years. We accumulate extensive experience and expertise to deliver exceptional security services. 

Yes. MFS Ghana provides 24/7 security monitoring services. We strive to provide round-the-clock protection for our client’s premises.
Yes. MFS Ghana offers a wide range of security services to assess the degree of risk to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective security strategies tailored to your specific needs.
Yes. MFS Ghana extends its security services beyond Accra. As per the client’s needs, we provide security solutions throughout Ghana.

The best way to learn more about us is to visit our website at You can explore detailed service descriptions, case studies, and client testimonials to learn more about our capabilities.