At Magnum, we take training very seriously. Periodic quality training and capacity building are essential parts of our strategies to be the best security company in the nation. It is our commitment to learning and development that allows us to provide our customers with knowledgeable and motivated security staffing solutions. No matter where we serve, we train our personnel to be the best and offer the best services under any security situations.

Magnum Force Security uses professionally designed approach to training and personnel development. At Magnum Force Security we go beyond offering training modules to providing continuous tracking compliance through frequent evaluation and reporting. This ensures the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

We have been providing high caliber security services for our clients since 2001 with special area of interest in creating a cadre of skilled personnel always ready to take on additional roles and responsibilities in the field of security.

Our training curriculum are regularly reviewed which helps us to provide all our clients with knowledgeable, trained and experienced personnel who understand the need to be professional. We make sure that all our staffs are vetted to international regulatory standards. Senior Supervisors conduct regular quality assurance checks at our clients’ premises to determine their security needs.

Security course designed for recruitment of Guards comprises four (4) stages, up to Supervisory levels, the lowest entry qualifications necessary for applicants is Senior High School level. We make sure Security Officers have the required training and environmental knowledge before they come into contact with clients.

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